Each investment we pursue must meet certain criteria that reduces risk and contains current income and growth opportunity. We utilize our proprietary analysis techniques to identify markets, and neighborhoods that have the best combination of past performance, future growth and new development. Our relationships in these markets provide us with opportunity deal flow, allowing us to only choose our investments with only the best opportunity.


The first line of risk reduction and wealth creation starts with investing in U.S. markets that are experiencing significant economic growth. Promontory Investments regularly studies the driving factors setting the stage for growth. These factors include major employer relocations or expansions which translate into job, wage and population growth. Along with employers we seek locations with recent and upcoming development and redevelopment projects. These movements increase the demand for our investment products delivering natural upward movement for income properties.
Markets we focus on:
– Texas
– Ohio
– Kentucky
– Oklahoma


– Single Family and Multifamily apartment communities
– 50+ apartment units
– 1970 and newer
– Stabilized or with proven demand
– Superior submarket locations
– $5M to $20M Purchase Prices
– Multiple Value Add Opportunities


As a value added investor, our objective is to seek opportunities where our management experience can minimalized operating expenses while targeting capital improvements to increase cash flow and the value of the asset during the holding period. We do this by increasing curb appeal, upgrading interiors and providing superior experiences for our tenants.
Prior to an acquisition we utilize or proprietary analysis software allowing us to focus on the details such as risk mediation, upside opportunity and future exit strategies that are all based upon conservative market and asset based knowledge.
Combining these best practices allows us to execute our business plan that have consistently delivered superior returns.